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What kind of DoubleDutch
Brow girl are you?

The Ombre Brow

The ombre technique is 100% permanent shading, done in a modern more way. This procedure does not include any hair-stroke simulation, which gives the appearance of "already made up" eyebrows. This permanent makeup technique is the ideal solution for the woman who does not have time or knowledge of how to fill in her eyebrows, but desires are ready-to-go look. Results can last up to 3 years. This procedure is ideal for oily or more scar-prone skin. Wake up with a "made up" look. This procedure requires a 6-8 week touch-up.


Total cost: $550


The Fusion Brow

The fusion technique combines microblading and the ombre technique to create naturally bold eyebrows. During this permanent makeup procedure, individual hair strokes are manually placed throughout the entire eyebrow, while shading is strategically placed for the perfect pop of glam. Results can last up to 2 years. Great for most skin types. Wake up with a naturally "made up" look. This procedure requires a 6-8 week touch-up.


Total Cost: $550



Am I a candidate for permanent makeup?

(Permanent Makeup is not ideal for:)
  • Those under 18 years of age

  • Pregnant and nursing

  • Viral Infections/Diseases (Even if in remission or undetectable)

  • Undergoing Chemotherapy (Must have had last treatment at one year+ )

  • Heart Conditions

  • Autoimmune Disorders

  • Epilepsy

  • Used Accutane within the past year

  • History of keloid scarring

  • Trichollitimania

  • Uncontrolled Diabetes

  • On blood thinners/ blood pressure medication

  • Allergies to Lidocaine

  • Blood Clotting Disorders

  • People with skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, herpes, cold sores, and undiagnosed rashes or blisters on the eyebrow area

  • People with allergies to makeup, dyes, and other pigments

  • Active skin cancer in the area to be tattooed

  • Those who have healing disorders

  • Those who are taking antibIotic and/or steroids within 2 weeks of appointment

  • Those with thin and oversensitive skin, on acne medication and or using retinol/retin-A products

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